Cannabis Based Therapies for Pain, Sleep, Anxiety, and Depression

Hey I am very interested in talking about cannabis. Does anyone have data that shows hemp derived CBD or cannabis (thc) is helpful for Pain, Sleep, Anxiety, and Depression? Recommendations? I am trying to learn as much as possible

Gary… I have experience with it but can tell you that it is a bit of a Wild West. Medical marijuana can work great for some but can impact you differently depending on medication interactions etc. there are physicians now who do advise. Not sure where you live. But finding a mmj doctor is very useful and can help avoid adverse effects.

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Thanks Donna. Any published data, clinical research you can share?

Hi Gary

I would be happy to help. for more.

i take cbd for pcos , Im not sure where in the world you are from. But if you google CBD you will get websites where you can buy it offline :smile: